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The Control, Vision and Robotics Lab investigates, designs and evaluates new robotic systems with an expertise that covers mechatronic design, control and computer vision. Research interests concern in particular medical and surgical applications, with a research theme focused on clinical investigation.

In the field of medical and surgical robotics, the group has acquired an international reputation, and the activity benefits from unique collaborations with IRCAD, IHU MIX-Surg and Strasbourg Hospital.

Research is being conducted by over 35 people at Telecom Physique Strasbourg and IRCAD. A 400-square-meter platform is dedicated to medical robotics with hardware and software development equipments as well as an MRI interventional suite.

The Control, Vision and Robotics Lab is part of the ICube laboratory (UMR 7357). The group is involved in the LABEX CAMI, a national initiative in the field Computer Assisted Medical Interventions, and ROBOTEX, a national network of robotic platforms funded by the "Investissements d'Avenir" program.